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A trusted, and tight-knit group of startup founders & operators led by Xavi Ablaza that builds knowledge & provides capital to world-class founders.

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Current Cohort #

Profile picture of Xavi AblazaXavi Ablaza, PrincipalProfile picture of Richard ParaynoRichard Parayno, CDO HostariProfile picture of Gia GalvezGia Galvez, Product DesignerProfile picture of Rafael CadornaRafael Cadorna, Software Engineer
Profile picture of Manuel TinioManuel Tinio, Devops EngineerProfile picture of Harvey Jay SisonHarvey Jay Sison, Technical Product ManagerProfile picture of Laura AngLaura Ang, Product DesignerApply to join today & interact with entire network.

Current Investments #

Hostari logoValheim Server Hosting logo
$300K venture debt: Ablaza, Galicia, Stripe Capital, and Paintbrush, Inc. Colocated hardware across North America.Grew from $0 to $120K ARR in 9 months. We're interested in acquiring game server businesses. Let's chat.Seeking product-market fit. Interested in collaborating? Apply to join.


AI Marketing Tool for SEO. Interested in building? Apply to join.


Financial Accounting SaaS for SEA. Interested in building? Apply to join.


GPU Syndicate - Fleet 2 (GPUSF2). Minimum cheque: $10,000 USD. Interested in investing? Request info.