I believe that founders should strive to keep control of their companies for as long as possible, by fully owning every decision that is made to drive the company forward.

The basic premise of business is revenue - expenses = profit. This is sometimes forgotten even by business executives. You do not have a business if you do not have revenue.

Speed is important in all aspects of business because with speed, you will have momentum. You cannot stop halway to success and take a break, it is simply not possible.

Business in the Western world operates with high trust, meaning that you can still do business with not a lot of social proof. In the Eastern world, business operates with low trust. It is therefore your imperative to become highly trusted in any regard, so you can do business wherever and with whomever you want, and conquer new markets.

If you are lucky to have cash, it is better to learn how to purchase an operational business than to build a business from scratch.

Most equity financing deals should be evaluated as debt convertible to equity financing deals. Those who maintain control can control debt, and is the most challenging and fulfilling fiduciary duty for a company to have. People think that being in debt is bad, but it is only bad when you use that debt for non-cashflowing and wasted expenses.

Just because everybody believes or does something as the norm, doesn't mean that you should follow what they do also.

I prefer to share my experiences to trusted and vetted teammates so that we can create amazing outcomes because of our diverse perspectives.

If you believe that you are smarter than your competitors, then compete with them. Otherwise, either learn from them or collaborate with them in some other way.

I believe that the strategies that are used to ascend in the world are dependent on where you are born in the world and your upbringing.

I believe that there is no silver bullet, winning strategy that works for every circumstance because each person's life is unique.

I believe that people should seriously question the agendas of those they are learning from, and seek to form their own virtuous opinions about the world.

I believe that actionable strategies are learned and taught by someone and are hardly invented.

I believe that most thought leadership doesn't drive much value and is used to boost people's egos more than anything.

It is acceptable to be egotistic when you know that your actions will lead to incredibly positive outcomes.

People must have the vital need to shape their goals around discipline in all things.

I believe that to be strong in your mind, you must also be strong in your body, and it is important to train everyday.

I believe that in order to become a hero, you must clearly define who you are fighting against.

I declare war on my enemies and seek to make the best moves possible for myself to reduce their advantages in the battlefield.

I believe that your word is your bond, and when you say you will do something, you will do it.

It is only right for me to cooperate with those who I hold in high regard, in exchange for my own respect.

I believe that it is important to respect your ancestors and to work tirelessly to make them proud.

I am proud of my last name because I honor those who raised me.

I would rather deal with the fear of being known, than being unknown and forgotten.

I believe that your best self is developed when undergoing the most difficult trials in life, whether forced or unforced.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.