Xavi Ablaza, portrait photo, smiling with crossed arms.

i’m a maniacal entrepreneur characterized by my willingness to do unnecessarily risky things just to teach myself hard lessons, and intentionally make my life difficult. i mainly study how to brainwash myself to believe certain things about the world (e.g. i am an outspoken Tate fan, for example, and haven't found a compelling reason to not listen to him).

i like to experiment on how perception control can persuade people to think different things about you (e.g. how your instagram looks, how you dress, what kind of accent you have, what languages you speak, the vocabulary and idioms you use, who you associate with and trust).

i live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago, do a bunch of projects at Hostari, and eat steaks almost everyday. most of the things that i do in different cities largely remains the same, whether that's in San Francisco, New York, or Manila. in November 2021, my mom passed away when i was 24 and since then, i have made it my goal to create a legacy technology empire that will prevent less filipinos from going overseas to do some bullshit job that they don't even like. people who do not do very intelligent work will be replaced by work bots one day and i think it's important for people to become intelligent.

i have no hobbies except for exercise because i take it upon myself to make sure that the trusted people i surround myself with are okay and are not in any trouble. i believe that the western world is crumbling in real time and i would much rather live in asia doing the same technology stuff that i'm doing now.

i optimize my life for optionality, and i mainly do the things i do to prove to my ancestors that my opinion is forthright, correct, and the most truthful way to go about life.