Choose Your Destiny

I'm Xavi Ablaza - Data Center Mogul & Technical Founder.

In the war against your future problems, you begin by amassing wealth and abundance.

I will win each battle by syndicating with trusted friends.

By collectively building a shared pool of knowledge & opportunities, the lives of the deserving can be changed for the better.

For Founders & Operators

  1. Select the Ablaza Syndicate
  2. Submit your startup or professional profile
  3. The team reviews your submission and will be in touch within 72 hours
  4. If accepted, your info will be shared with our members
  5. Send updates to the syndicate and use it as a resource

For Investors

  1. Select the Ablaza Syndicate
  2. Apply to join
  3. Receive deal memos in your inbox
  4. Attend webinars with the founders
  5. Decide if you want to invest